'Wings of the Winter Court' Glow in the Dark Frosted Handmade Resin Rainbow Mylar TTRPG 30MM Polyhedral Gaming Dice D20 Chonk

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This D20 is larger than the standard size at 30mm! It features sharp edges and a font that is a mix of flame style and fairy wings hidden in the numbers. The design of this die was created using Mylar inclusions of varying size and colors. This variant is heavy in a rainbow of colors! It’s a stunning piece! Inked bright white as a base and the flame numbers are painted in metallic amethyst purple acrylic paint- and wings are done in a colorshifting pink-purple. Edge details are done in deep shimmery blue. It is a super elaborate inking that took about 3 hours alone!

Maker Marks: slight mold marks around #1 face.

#20 side of the die is polished to a shine and the rest is frosted for effect.

This die is ready to ship within 3-5 business days of purchase. 

DISCLAIMER: This die is handmade and as such may have small imperfections associated with many handcrafted dice. This may include slight imperfections around a sprue point, small scratches or slight flashing. I do my best to minimize these and will note anything that specifically stands out in the description above if there is anything noted. DIE IN PHOTOGRAPH IS EXACT DIE YOU WILL RECEIVE UPON PURCHASE!