Sharp Edge Mollymauk Inspired Handcrafted Dice Preorder

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This is a preorder for my handmade Mollymauk inspired sharp edge with custom font design!

Colors: Swirled Burgundy and royal purple accented with goldleaf- inked in shifting teal and a peacock feather adorns the #20 side of the D20.

These do take me some time to craft, so the preorder will give me a better idea of how many sets I need to focus on.

Each style is available in limited quantities and more will not be available until all pending pieces are shipped out!

Each set will also include my new Scrolls of Authenticity and my new stamped cloth pouches! 

DISCLAIMER: This dice set is handmade and as such may have small imperfections associated with many handcrafted dice. This may include slight imperfections around a sprue point, small scratches or slight flashing. I do my best to minimize these and will note anything that specifically stands out in the description above if there is anything noted.