‘Pandora’s Corruption’ Handmade Resin Colorshifting Sharp Edge Critter Image TTRPG Polyhedral Gaming Dice D20

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Few knew of the shadows captured when the fabled box clicked open and chaos flooded the world. Alchemists forged and molded them over time into smaller, dark opaque gems- shimmery, dangerous- locked away. Lost to time until found by an unsuspecting kender- who thought they rather looked like something he might use to garner luck in the gaming houses at next chance.


  • Colorshifting purple/hints of orange/teal/green
  • Sharp edge style
  • Inked in ‘Metallic Silver’ acrylic paint
  • ’20’ side replaced by a cute mouse critter image
  • Font exclusive to my shop
  • Polished to a glass-like shine

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DISCLAIMER: This dice set is handmade and as such may have small imperfections associated with many handcrafted dice. This may include slight imperfections around a sprue point, small scratches or slight flashing. I do my best to minimize these and will note anything that specifically stands out in the description above if there is anything noted.