Jester Inspired Spiritual Weapon Handmade D6 Dice

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 "I'm THE Cleric?!? I've never traveled with a bunch of people I thought would die in front of me!"  -Jester



This die is a stunning shimmery blue that I associate with Jester’s skin tone! There is a subtle hint of varying shades in this that remind me of skin tones ❤️

This d6 is inked in metallic gold. The #6 side has a shimmery gold lollipop sealed just under the surface instead of the numeric and is meant to signify Jester’s Spiritual Weapon she enjoys casting in battle so much! *The design was hand painted until 5/19/20 when i updated the design. 

These are each individually handmade and as such slight differences in each die pigmentation and image may be noted.