'Siren Infested Seas' Glow in the Dark Blue Purple Teal Handmade Resin TTRPG 8-Piece Polyhedral Gaming Dice Set

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This is a one of a kind polyhedral dice set made with custom mold and font exclusive to my shop! Set is opaque with swirls of purple, teal, and blue in various shades. Set is polished to a shine and inked with bright white acrylic paint with a shimmery bright green over the base white paint. D4 is shaped like a crystal shard instead of normal caltrop shape. Set comes with a D2 Coin with logo on the 2 face. Whole set glows vibrant white blue in the dark.

Maker Marks: None noted

Shipping: Set is ready to ship in 3-5 business days

DISCLAIMER: This dice set is handmade and as such may have small imperfections associated with many handcrafted dice. This may include slight imperfections around a sprue point, small scratches or slight flashing. I do my best to minimize these and will note anything that specifically stands out in the description above if there is anything noted. THE SET YOU WILL RECEIVE IS THE EXACT SET PHOTOGRAPHED.