Deep Vibrant Green Variant Colorshifting Shimmery OOAK Handmade Resin D20 Polyhedral Gaming Dice TTRPG Handpainted Ornament

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This listing is for an individual ornament shaped like a twenty sided dice. It is an opaque Shimmery vibrant but deep green coloring that shifts shade and color depending on lighting! 

Numbers are handpainted a metallic antique gold and lines are done in chrome silver paint

Back of ornament is flat and edges are sanded cleanly.

Size: 7.0 cm wide x 7.5 cm long

DISCLAIMER: These are cast without using a pressure pot and up close microbubbles are visible if you look closely. Painting details on these were done VERY carefully to avoid filling any microbubbles with paint, which distracts from the completed piece. ORNAMENT IN PHOTO IS EXACT ONE YOU WILL RECEIVE.