Enchanted Forest Handmade Polyhedral Gaming Dice D20

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Something feels off about the copse of trees before you- and your heart drops into your stomach as you step past the tree line only to immediately find yourself in the middle of what appears to be the depths of a large forest. No exit in sight- not even the prairie behind you seconds ago. Closer inspection shows the deep, vibrant green leaves of the largest trees have shifting veins of deep purple running through them. You only notice how silent the area around you is as you take your first step, the first floor crunching beneath your feet. You draw your sword at your side.

Emerald green and royal purple color shifting pigment mixture. Numbers inked in metallic silver and polished to a shine that shifts beautifully in any lighting situation!

This listing is for a Single D20 only! Dice set is listed separately!

These dice will take up to 6 weeks to complete and ship depending on how busy the shop is currently.