*LIMITED EDITION* Festival Funding 30mm D20 Chonk

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This is a limited edition and limited time offer. The dice market is over saturated and sales have been few and far between. This has left me working towards attending physical events. We have applied and been accepted to the OK Renaissance Festival for the full 7 weekend run in Muskogee, OK.

The problem is that building rent and liability insurance is going to cost us roughly $1000 total.

I’m offering up enough chonks for $1250 in sales, which would help also with gas, hotel costs starting out, food and building set up. These chonks do have a few stipulations and perks.

These dice will be created AFTER the festival season ends. This is the first weekend of June- so production would start shortly after. On the plus side, those who purchase the die will be getting an $80 value and a chance to weigh in on what the die will look like. I will offer several options to only those who purchase and they will have a chance to weigh in on the design. Each die is worth one vote, so if you buy multiples,  your vote will be worth the number equal to your purchased dice. The designs provided for voting will be decided by suggestions you give, so if you purchase, please leave what you would like to see in the comments. If these sell quickly (my payments for the event are due by April 1st) I may even be willing to offer two opposing options instead of just one final design.

Please make sure you provide an email address as this is how I will contact buyers.